Austin Whitaker

Designer, Illustrator, Printmaker

Austin Whitaker is a multifaceted creator seeking to build meaningful and thoughtful experiences through his work. He uses his work to tell stories, to build worlds, and to transport the imagination of his audience. Austin strives to make others feel nostalgic for a simpler time and simpler things such as their childhood and Saturday morning cartoons. He knows he has done his job when he makes them feel something, leave them in awe, or make them smile. To tell a truly meaningful tale that sticks with a person is his ultimate goal.

Austin is always in pursuit of growth, searching for the next challenge, something that will push him to the next level. This has lead him to experiment and explore through a wide range of media and think outside the box to find unusual or unexpected solutions. Its like creative mad science.

Austin treats his work as he does everything, with great care and attention. He believes art is not just the act of painting or drawing but it's the way one lives their life.